Commercial Litigation

Breach of Contract

Business cannot be conducted in an environment where one cannot rely on the enforceability of contracts. That is why Freeman Mills works hard to enforce the contract rights of its clients. Breach of contract matters can be as simple as collection or complex matters involving expert testimony on customary practices in the industry and the conformity or nonconformity of products or services. Freeman Mills attorneys have experience in all types of contract cases.

A strong understanding of the business issues involved in the decision whether to enter into a contract and the financial and operational needs of clients are important for a lawyer litigating complex contractual disputes.  Freeman Mills attorneys use their understanding of these issues to work out early settlements that may avoid a prolonged and expensive legal conflict.


As a business person, you have to put some level of trust in those with whom you do business. Fraud is the most severe violation of that trust. Freeman Mills attorneys will vigorously pursue perpetrators of fraudulent schemes or business practices, and will enforce your rights to compensation for damages as a result of fraud.

Class Action

Class action cases can be expensive. Freeman Mills believes that an aggressive defense of these cases can reduce the overall costs. We never prematurely settle cases based on the threat of high-dollar class action exposure. Early in the case, we employ every available substantive and procedural challenge to end the case quickly. If we cannot achieve an early victory, we are then prepared to take class action cases to trial and verdict if necessary to achieve the best result for our clients.

Freeman Mills litigators use an arsenal of effective legal tactics to defeat or narrow class action cases. We aggressively pursue discovery and motions practice, either to preclude class treatment or to obtain dismissal or summary judgment on the merits. Freeman Mills attorneys have used creative legal arguments to obtain early wins on key issues in cases. In all cases, we fight to win not settle.