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January 2015

Freeman Mills achieves swift victory in Howard County

Freeman Mills Senior Litigation Associate, Jeff K. Heck, won a Motion for Summary Judgment in a lawsuit alleging breach of an Oil & Gas Lease for failure to pay lease bonus. Freeman Mills’ client, an East Texas land broker service, was sued for failing to pay a lease bonus after taking a lease on behalf of a major Oil & Gas company. The lease was taken from a Revocable Trust that had terminated leaving all of the property as part of the Grantor’s estate. The court granted FM’s motion finding as a matter of law that the lease was void because the trust no longer owned the property and that no bonus was due under the warranty provision of the lease.

Freeman Mills secures total victory for oil field service client

November 2014
Longview, Texas

Freeman Mills Senior Litigation Associate, Jeff K. Heck, prevailed in an oil field services case filed on behalf of an East Texas oil field services company due to an operator’s failure to pay approximately $100,000 for well services. The operator counterclaimed for just over $400,000 alleging the services damaged the well causing it to be plugged. Prior to trial, Heck successfully excluded most of the operator’s expert witnesses. The Court awarded our client the debt amount, plus attorney fees and pre-judgment interest and entered a take-nothing judgment on the operator’s counterclaim.